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Its not only the usual things children need

Specialist shoes to enable a boy to continue to play golf

Provide a sofa bed so that mum and child could have separate beds

Providing parents with travel costs to enable them to visit their child in a hospital miles from their home





Donate now! The Need is constant
There is a major need in this world for funds to help individual children and their families that is quick easy and helpful for the recipients. Children In Need was established in September 1983 and has three Trustees.

Our object is to provide help through hospitals and other organisations for sick, afflicted and poor children, to offer gifts specialist medical treatment, holidays, food and provide all other welfare facilities possible. Unlike other charities we help individual cases not institutions.
There are no paid employees and all running costs are paid personally by the Trustees. Even Expenses are paid for by the trustees.
The Charity does not accept applications directly but has always maintained good relationships with many organisations and the social workers within them. Not only does this ensure that any case referred is worthy of help, it also ensures that costs are kept to a minimum and in turn ensures that all funds donated are used to 100% directly fund the children in need.

We assist a wide number of organisations ranging from social services, hospitals, schools and other charitable institutions.
Know of a deserving case?
If you would like us to review a referral please feel free to write to us at:

Secretary To The Trustees
Children In Need Fund
36-38 Westbourne Grove
Newton Road
London W2 5SH

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